Top Sights of The world To Visit & See For Free

Our planet earth is rich with wildlife, man-made masterpiece and natural wonder that makes life more beautiful. However, the truth is, some of these sceneries requires a lot of money in order for one to visit and enjoy.

Few are the lot that has funds to afford a booking at that exotic resort in the Bahamas. But the good news is that there are plenty of beautiful sceneries around the world for you to see without emptying or denting your bank account and wallet. The key factor to worry about should be your transport
means. Using a 24hr rental car service is a wise decision as this will reduce the everyday pressures of adventure travel.

Continue reading on this article as I share with you some of the mind-boggling sights around the world that you can visit for free and create the best lifetime memories.
Some of the top must-see destinations include:

The Alamo

San Antonio is the destination to the Alamo. It is a statue to the pivotal war of the Texas revolution. Take a journey of the battlefield and discover the exhibitions on the revolution. The Alamo makes San Antonio an affordable destination for most travelers.

The Bixby Creek Bridge

Its located along Big Sur coast in California. Here you can get the free offer of viewing ocean views and canyon from 260 feet in height.
You can take photographs and videos freely and create those great moments.

The Getty Centre

In Los Angeles plan to the Getty Center, it has an astonishing art and architecture. Located at the top of a hill it offers a magnificent eye view of the city. This museum is open during the week, except Mondays. Entry is free.

“The U.S Capitol”

Consider making a visit to the U.S Capitol the house of representatives and seat of Senate. Although the building has undergone a couple of architectural changes since 1973 when President George Washington placed the first cornerstone, it is a site that is still worth seeing.

Niagara Falls

In Canada, head to Ontario and at night have a taste of the parkway majestic falls view. The falls are illuminated by rainbow of light

Canyon Road

Stroll through over 100 galleries, restaurants, and shops along Canyon Road. It’s a half-mile-long neighborhood and located in Santa Fe, N.M

Other destinations worth visiting include

· The Manhattan Skyline

· Mount Rushmore in Keystone

· St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

· The freedom trail in Boston

· Golden gate bridge in San Francisco

· Navy Pier in Chicago

Using a 24hr rental car service makes your traveling experience easy and affordable. You are able to beat the hassles and risks that are involved in using your own car to travel. With this list in your hands, choosing a destination that is free and friendly is now easier. It’s your time to see the world, make the experiences count.